There is never enough information about barefoot shoes. Here I am sharing with you some useful websites, retailers for barefoot shoes, books, blogs etc. that I like to follow and that might be useful for you too.


Facebook groups are a huge source of information about barefoot shoes. Useful place where can you discuss about barefoot shoes, sizing tips, brand and model recommendations and you can even sell your used or new barefoot shoes there.

  • Slovenian barefoot shoes buy/sell/discussion group
  • EU buy/sell group
  • UK barefoot shoes group (discussion)
  • USA barefoot shoes group (buy/sell/discussion)
  • Czech barefoot shoes group (buy/sell/discussion)
  • German barefoot shoes group (discussion)
  • French barefoot shoes group


List of online stores where you can buy several different brands of barefoot shoes (in alphabetical order) in one place:

The websites where I usually check the lengths and widths of the barefoot shoes:



You should always pay attention to how you wear your socks. They should not push your toes together. I recommend toesocks, but if you like regular socks you should buy big enough so you can loosen the front when you wear them. Only this way your toes will have enough space to spread.

You can read more about toesocks in my post here.


Very good books by biomechanist Katy Bowman about barefoot walking and natural body movement. The books also present various exercises that can help your body to move more naturally.


Websites, blogs and Instagram profiles that I like to follow and I recommend them you too.

  • Mini and Mum – Instagram profile with barefoot shoes reviews
  • Obsessedwithbarefootshoes – blog about barefoot shoes and their reviews. Wendy is very active on Instagram too.
  • Baresteps – a blog with barefoot shoes reviews
  • The Barefoot Shoe Review – a blog with barefoot shoes reviews. Alex and Jade are very active on Instagram too
  • Šťastné nôžky – blog about barefoot shoes and their reviews. A lot of useful things, especially for kids shoes
  • Des Chaussures Souples – blog with a lot of info about barefoot shoes and their reviews
  • Blootsvoets Geschoeid – a blog with barefoot shoes reviews
  • Barefoot Maestra – a blog with barefoot shoes reviews
  • Barefoot in the Flowers – a blog with barefoot shoes reviews
  • Saga i faver – some barefoot shoes reviews are also available here
  • Barefoot Tips – a blog with barefoot shoes reviews
  • Anyasreviews – a blog with barefoot shoes reviews and fashion tips how to wear and style barefoot shoes.
  • The Foot Collective – “a global community of health advocates on a mission to help humans reclaim strong, functional and painfree bodies starting from the foundation”
  • Katy Bowman – blog with lots of information on barefoot shoes, how to transition to barefoot shoes, how to walk in barefoot shoes, etc.
  • Barfüssler Akademie – blog from a shoe store where you can find some good foot exercises
  • Gaithappens – I like to follow them on Instagram – specialized in feet and gait mechanics
  • Movement clinique – Slovenian website and blog where you can find a lot of information about healty body, movement and healty feet
  • Natural Movement

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