In the table below you can find a list of barefoot shoe brands and barefoot-friendly shoe brands where only some of their models have characteristics barefoot shoes.

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(EU sizes)
(EU sizes)
Aborigen sandals/36-46Sport sandals for adults.
Aehrenkranz/36-45Ballet flats, low and high shoes.
Affenzahn21-32/Kids low shoes and winter shoes and boots. For medium wide feet.
Ahinsa shoes*/36-48Vegan shoes. A lot of different models. For medium wide and wide feet.
Anatomic37-42Casual sneakers for adults.
Angles fashion/35-49Ballet flat, ryder style and chelsea style boots.
Baby bare shoes21-28/Kids low shoes and winter boots.
Beda boty20-35/No direct sell from their website. A lot of different models, suitable for wide feet.
Bedrock Sandals/W5 (22 cm) - M14 (32 cm)Sandals for adults.
Belenka shoes*36-46Suitable for wide feet.
Ballet flats, all-year shoes, winter shoes.
BirchburyLeather sneakers for men. New brand so no more details yet.
Bobux18-33/Only some model in small sizes are suitable for barefoot shoes.
Bohempia36-47Vegan shoes. Only models from category barefoot shoes.
Bosky35-48Sandals for adults.
Bundgaard18-25Only their Petit collection.
Botky MechovkyMade to order shoes.
Camper (Peu)17-3835-45Camper Peu shoes are BF (the insole has a heel rise).
Carets40-47Bussines shoes for men. Zero drop (heel is just illusion)
Chala sandals22-3536-49Sandals for kids and adults.
Conker shoesMade to order - choose the barefoot sole.
DaVinci barefoot/US 5 - US 14Chelsea and lace up boots.
D.D. step/Kids shoes (only serie 063 is barefoot). Available at different retailers.
Deliberate Life AdventureMade to measure.Sandals made according to your foot tracing.
Earth Runners*US K12-336-47Sandals for kids and adults.
Erloff/Made to order shoes.
Faery StepsAdult shoes. A little bit thicker sole.
Fare28-3536-40Only Fare Bare collection is barefoot.
Feelgrounds*/36-49Casuals sneakers in different colours.
Feelmax22-3435-48Sneaker, sandals, winter shoes.
For wide feet.
Filii Barefoot20-32 (35)37-47Narrow to medium wide feet.
Sandals, low shoes, winter boots.
Freet29-3936-49For wide feet.
Different models of adult shoes.
Froddo17-24Only pre-walker shoes and some new models in smaller sizes.
For narrow foot.
Gea Soles/34.5-46For medium wide and wide feet.
Sandals and low shoes.
Geniale Sandale/35-49Sandals for adults.
GoSt-Barefoots/34-50Special shoes from metal.
Groundies/36-47For medium wide feet.
Ballet flats and casual sneakers.
High Feels/35-43Women sandals.
Jack & Lily16-24Shoes and mocs for little kids.
Jenon Leather36-46Shoes, ballerinas, sandals.
Joe Nimble28-3436-48A lot of different styles-ballets flat, sneakers, winter boots, sandals.
Kids: only sandals.
Medium wide feet.
Jonap Barefoot19-36/No direct sale on their site.
Low shoes, winter boots.
KAKU barefootKids and adults custom made shoes.
Kigo FootwearShoes for adults.
Kinder Feet18-38Soft slippers for kids and adults.
Custom made possible.
Kinis Barefoot/XS-XXL"Socks" shoes.
Kiuu28-36/For narrow to medium wide feet.
Low shoes, winter boots.
Leguano22-3334-47For medium wide feet.
Lems Shoes/36-48Only some models are barefoot. A little bit thicker sole.
For medium wide and wide feet.
Lisbeth Joe35-44Women ballet flats and loafers.
Livie and Luca10.7 cm - 20.5 cmKids shoes and sandals. Only some models are barefoot.
Lonnie Sandals36-43Women sandals.
Lukshoes27-3436-46For wide feet. Sandals, boots, all-year shoes.
Luna sandals*US K12-3US 4 (W) - US 13 (M)Sandals.
Magical Shoes27-3536-54Kids: sneakers and sandals; Adults: ballet flats, sandals, boots.
For medium wide to wide feet.
Merrell29-3435-51Only shoes from their barefoot line.
Manitobah13 cm-21,6 cm22,8 cm-26,7 cmKids and adults mukluks and moccasins. Also waterproof boots available.
Minimas37-47Minimal sneakers for adults.
MyMayu16/17-34Kids rubber boots with elastic laces; liner for extra warth available
Monk sandals/37-46Sandals for adults.
Muki shoes/36-48low and hi-top sneakers.
NalluSandals. Custom made according to your foot tracing.
Nanga shoes18-34up to size 52The one made of woll are more stretchable. For adults only models the same as kids ones are ok.
Naturino17-25Only 3972 series is barefoot.
Okbarefoot23-3436-46Kids and adult shoes and sandals.
Panta sandals37-47Minimalist running sandals.
Paperkrane17-35/Colorful kids shoes.
Pathik shoes25-3036-50Ballet flats, winter boots (similar to ugg-vegan)
Paulis shoes23-30Barefoot shoes for kids.
Pediped17-36Samo nekateri modeli so barefoot.
Peerko37-42Women shoes - all star look. For medium wide to wide feet.
Pegres Shoes17-3435-46Only Bose Pegres collection is barefoot.
Poco Nido17-26Kids slippers.
Posh PandaMoccasins for kids and adults.
Proalp36,5-47Only models from category barefoot shoes.
Protetika19-35Only part of their collection is barefoot. Shoes and sandals for kids.
RachellMade according to your size.Ballet flats, sandals, moccasins, boots.
Ruth Emily DaveyMade to order shoes.
Saltic36-47Low shoes in different colours.
Sambas the Bambas26-3536-41New brand...
SandalDIY sandals
Senmotic Shoes36-47Ballet flats, sneakers, winter boots.
Shamma Sandals18 cm - 22 cm23 cm -31 cmSandals for kids and adults. Templates for sizing.
Shapen36-43Women ballet flats. For narrow to medium wide feet.
SkinnersXS-XXL"socks" shoes
Snuginewborn-3536-43Newborn, kids and adult slippers and water shoes. Many beautiful colours
SoftStar Shoes2-12
(US sizes)
Boots, shoes, ballet flats, sandals.
Sole Runner25-3536-48Different models suitable for different widths of the foot.
Sandals, ballet flats,low shoes, winter shoes.
Splay Athletics*23-35
StonzOnly booties for little kids are barefoot.
Tadeevo31-3635-47Sneakers, winter shoes, ballet flats.
Wide feet.
Tara SolesMade to measure.Made to measure.Huarache sandals.
The Drifter LeatherCustom made. A lot of different models. Very good quality.
Tikki19-3236-43For medium wide to wide feet. Kids sandals, shoes and winter boots. Adult sandals, low shoes and winter boots.
Uhuru BotyMade to order shoes.
Unshoes21-35US 5 - US 13Sandals, closed toes shoes.
Ursanina36-43Only custom made ballet flat without heel and adjusted toebox are ok.
Vibram/36-47Five fingers shoes
Vivobarefoot20-3535-49A lot of new models is suitable for narrow to medium wide feet. A lot of different styles. Kids models suitable for medium wide feet.
Wildling18-3536-48Sandals, low shoes, winter shoes. Suitable for different feet.
Xenet Sandals18,3 cm-24,2 cm21,3 cm-29,8 cmKids and adult sandals
Xero Shoes*K12-Y435-48Sneakers, sandals, winter shoes.
For kids only sneakers.
Zaqq37-48A lot of different shoe styles. Suitable for medium wide feet.
Zeazoo16-3435-47Sandals, low shoes, winter boots (ugg style).
ZKAMAMade to order shoes. Sandals, ballet flats, boots, sneakers, etc.
ZlaTushMade to your measurements.Made to your measurements.Made to order shoes.
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