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Peerko Frost – Review

Feel royal in Peerko Frost Royal. The warmest winter boot from Peerko, lined with warm and soft wool, is here in three stunning colours and with an outstanding design. Such a versatile shoe that you will hardly miss anything else to wear for the job. If you already liked Peerko Go model and you wished for something even warmer for…

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Tikki Shoes MOON – Review

If kids shoes are a car, then I present you a Mercedes. The new Tikki MOON shoes for kids are now also available in the much-anticipated larger sizes, where the offer for kids is very limited. And I couldn’t wish for a better leather shoe for my kids to wear. I can’t tell you how eagerly I waited for Tikki to make…

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Peerko Go – Review

Did you know that “Dr. Martens were originally a modest work-wear boot that was even sold as a gardening shoe at one stage?” But, today I am not reviewing Dr. Martens, even though Peerko Go boots might remind you of this iconic brand. Peerko Go are much more than that. They let your feet move and feel. I own several…

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Zeazoo YETI Kids – Review

It’s winter and it’s snowing outside. Probably your children are already tempted to go playing in the snow, making a snowman and go sledding. But what to put them on their feet? They need a warm winter boot, but still soft, with enough room for their little toes to spread.Here is a boot that can be the right one for…

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Peerko Empire – Review

I searched for a perfect barefoot tall boot suitable for a variety of winter outfits for a long time. And here is finally a perfect one. Peerko Empire boots will keep your feet warm and comfortable, while still looking stylish. No wonder why I was immediately overwhelmed by these boots. They are simply the best. If you ever wondered how…

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