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Mukishoes Igneous – Review

The popular Igneous winter model from sustainable brand Mukishoes returns this year in a redesigned version with a thicker, warmer wool lining and a casual winter boot design. Mukishoes models are known for their ultra-thin soles, soft uppers and ethical and sustainable production. The Igneous leather model is no exception here. The model is available in two versions – in…

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Softstar Shoes Fireside – Review

Softstar Shoes Fireside slippers could officially earn the title of the softest and warmest house slippers in the world. Yes, they are so snuggly and cozy. Softstar Shoes are known for their handmade shoes, which are made using ancient shoemaking techniques without using lasts. All their materials are sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly and their leather is of excellent quality. Fireside…

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Peerko – Brand Review

Due to the modern design and quality of workmanship, Peerko shoes are gaining great popularity among barefoot shoe users. After the great success of their first canvas model, they quickly became famous beyond national borders and today they can proudly show off a big range of exquisite barefoot models. Peerko is a Czech brand of barefoot shoes, developed in collaboration…

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Softstar Shoes Switchback – Review

Softstar Shoes has a long tradition of making quality leather barefoot shoes. Despite many years of experience, their new model of hiking boots Switchback required a special effort from them. How to make a shoe that will be waterproof, durable, lightweight, with excellent grip and at the same time will meet barefoot criteria? Did they succeed? Definitely! Softstar Shoes Switcback…

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Wildling Shoes Panther, Blackbird, Elderberry, Fir and Marten- Review

This year’s Autumn/Winter Wildling Shoes collection also offers a diverse range of natural materials, different shoe heights and colors. Monochrome models predominate, there are fewer patterns and a lot of warm autumn tones. This fall my whole family is testing Wildling Shoes. For testing, we chose different models to make it easier to compare materials and test shoes in different…

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