Monthly Archives : March 2020

Leguano Beat – a review

Beat model is like a fresh new wind in Leguano collection. So different from their previous styles and colours. And not only that it looks really good, it is also slightly wider than most of their previous styles and my foot fit in them just perfectly. I have to admit that I haven’t decided to try Leguano shoes for a…

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Vivobarefoot Geo Court – a review

Can I tell you a secret? Vivobarefoot Geo Court shoes are my husband’s first barefoot shoes. In the past four years I tried to convince him many times. But he always said that he don’t like how they look. Until he saw those and immediately changed his mind. It has been four years now since I transitioned to barefoot shoes.…

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Tikki Shoes NIDO – a review

It’s all about details. And Tikki knows this well. Each tiny part of their shoes is carefully crafted with so much care. Even if is just a small detail changed in the toebox or a small butterfly gently settled on the shoe. Caring for details…yes, this is Tikki. Tiki Nido shoes are a new addition to Tikki shoes for kids.…

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Barefoot ballet flats for women

Here is a list of barefoot ballet flats for women. I also decided to include some moccasins and loafers on the list too as they can sometimes be a great substitute for ballet flats. Brands are listed in an alphabetical order according to the brand name. You can find different ballet flats on the list – from casual to more…

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Feelgrounds Original – a review

Do you wonder why this brand succeed so fast? Why their shoes are worn even by the people who don’t usually wear barefoot shoes? Or why so many people decided to choose Feelgrounds as their first barefoot shoes? Well, keep reading and you will see why. When Feelgrounds started promoting their brand on Instagram account they immediately got my attention.…

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Barefoot sandals for kids

Here is a list of this year kids’ barefoot sandals. They are listed in an alphabetical order according to the brand name. Under the picture there is a direct link to the homepage of the company where you can buy the shoes. But you can buy a lot of this barefoot shoes at different local retailers too. Some shops are listed here.…

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