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Toesocks and barefoot shoes – a perfect combination?

You have probably heard about toesocks before. Are you wondering if they will bother you between your toes or if they are only a latest craze? Well, toesocks are really quite functional with a lot of benefits for your toes. If you fancy barefoot shoes as I do, you probably love wearing them because they have a perfect foot-shaped toebox…

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Zeazoo Dingo boots – a review

Have you ever found yourself wishing for a barefoot version of your beloved Ugg boots? Well, I did. But transitioning to barefoot shoes doesn’t always means that you have to forgot all about your favourite boot styles you loved to wear. Zeazoo is one of the rare barefoot brands that makes boots in the same look as Uggs have. Actually…

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Freet Bootee M – a review

With Freet is like this – you have to try it to love it. The picture online usually does not show all their fantastic features and and I’m really glad I tried them. Otherwise I would miss a really good shoe. Freet shoes usually don’t look so appealing at first sight just from the picture. That was probably the reason…

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