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Groundies Ibiza Ladies – a review

When this new barefoot brand Groundies pop up on my Instagram account, it immediatelly caught my attention. A barefoot shoe in metallic colour? Sounds to good to be true. At first, they looked too narrow and too tapered from the picture to be a good barefoot shoe. They looked like a conventional shoes with thin and flexible sole. Althought, I…

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What are barefoot shoes?

Wondering what barefoot shoes are? Well, this are not some super weird shoes 🙂 They usually look quite normal, with only one difference. They allow your foot to move in the same way as you would if you were walking barefoot. Still, they provide you protection againts cold and ground when needed. So what’s their secret? To optimize how barefoot…

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How to choose the right shoe size?

Choosing the right model and the right size of a barefoot shoe is not an easy task for beginner. Feet, trapped in tight fitting shoes for many years, are not accustomed to such freedom and need time to adapt. You may not have quite a real felling at the beginning if your toes really have enough space in the shoe.…

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What is my foot type?

When buying barefoot shoes it is important to know your foot type. This will help you find the shoe that suits you best and help you know what you should look for when buying. Here are some useful informations on how to identify your foot type. 1. Is my foot narrow or wide? Some of the barefoot shoes brands are…

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How did it all begin?

It was the beginning of year 2016, a few months after the second birth. After two pregnancies, my body was in a very bad condition (diastasis recti, very bad posture, low back pain, etc.) and I wanted to improve it. Back then, there was no informations available about these problems in Slovenia, so I started looking for a solution to…

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