*last updated 12.10.2020

Promo & Coupon Codes

  • Earth Runners* promo & coupon code – 10% discount with BOSENOGICE10 (affiliate code)
  • Freet Footwear promo & coupon code – 15% discount on non-sale items with code BOSENOGICE (affiliate code)
  • Muki Shoes promo & coupon code – 10% discount on adult and 5% on kids shoes with BOSENOGICE10 (affiliate code)
  • Splay Athletics* promo & coupon code – 10% discount with BOSENOGICE (affiliate code)
  • ZEAZOOkids promo & coupon code – 5% discount with BOSENOGICE (affiliate code valid until 31.12.2020)
  • Knitido* toesocks promo & coupon code – 10% discount with code BOSENOGICE (affiliate code)
  • Wildling Shoes – free shipping with code BOSE NOGICE (valid until 18.10.2020, each can use it only once; not affiliate code) – valid for Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Italy
  • Young Soles Shoes10% discount in their online store with my affiliate code BOSENOGICE

*affiliate link

Affiliate links

If you want to support me, I would really appreciate if you use my affiliate links when buying the shoes (with no extra cost to you). These are the brands I’m affiliated with:

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