*last updated 18.5.2022

Buying barefoot shoes can be a considerable financial investment. You can find all discounts for barefoot shoes here. I am constantly updating the list, so always check this page for the latest information.

The list below shows all the current discounts for barefoot brands. I’m also affiliated with some of the brands on the list, which is also specially marked.

If you also want to support me and my efforts which I put in this site, I will be very grateful if you make your purchase through my affiliate link (with no additional cost for you).

Promo & Coupon Codes

  • Shapen 5% discount with code BOSENOGICE5 **
  • Splay Athletics * – 10% discount with code BOSENOGICE **
  • Toetem Sandals * – 5% discount with code BOSENOGICE **
  • Unshoes * – 10% discount with code BOSENOGICE

*affiliate link

**affiliate code

Shops with barefoot shoes

Bubbly Toes5% discount with code BOSENOGICE (affiliate code, UK only)

Cacles Barefoot10% off with code BOSENOGICE (non-affliate, ship only to Spain and Portugal)

PedTerra * – 10% discount on first order with code BOSENOGICE (affiliate code, US retailer)

100 Barefoot Soles10% discount with code BOSENOGICE (affiliate code, UK Zeazoo retailer)

*affiliate link

Affiliate Links

*affiliate link