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How much space do we need in shoes?

Is there an exact number how much space we need in shoes? Different studies recommened that the optimal space for toes in shoes is 10-12 mm, but they also emphasise the important thing that space in front of the toes depend on the overall fit of the shoe too (toebox shape and width of the shoe). Then why 12 mm?…

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Toesocks and barefoot shoes – a perfect combination?

You have probably heard about toesocks before. Are you wondering if they will bother you between your toes or if they are only a latest craze? Well, toesocks are really quite functional with a lot of benefits for your toes. If you fancy barefoot shoes as I do, you probably love wearing them because they have a perfect foot-shaped toebox…

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What are Barefoot Shoes?

Wondering what barefoot shoes are? Well, this are not some super weird shoes 🙂 They usually look quite normal, with only one difference. They allow your foot to move in the same way as you would if you were walking barefoot. Still, they provide you protection againts cold and ground when needed. They usually look wider on your feet than…

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How to choose the right shoe size?

Choosing the right model and the right size of a barefoot shoe is not an easy task for beginner. Feet, trapped in tight fitting shoes for many years, are not accustomed to such freedom and need time to adapt. You may not have quite a real felling at the beginning if your toes really have enough space in the shoe.…

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What is my Foot Type?

When buying barefoot shoes it is important to know your foot type. This will help you find the shoe that suits you best and help you know what you should look for when buying. Here are some useful informations on how to identify your foot type. 1. Foot width & length Some of the barefoot shoes brands are more suitable…

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