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Tikki Shoes MOON – Review

If kids shoes are a car, then I present you a Mercedes. The new Tikki MOON shoes for kids are now also available in the much-anticipated larger sizes, where the offer for kids is very limited. And I couldn’t wish for a better leather shoe for my kids to wear. I can’t tell you how eagerly I waited for Tikki to make…

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Tikki Shoes NIDO – Review

It’s all about details. And Tikki knows this well. Each tiny part of their shoes is carefully crafted with so much care. Even if is just a small detail changed in the toebox or a small butterfly gently settled on the shoe. Caring for details…yes, this is Tikki. Tiki Nido shoes are a new addition to Tikki shoes for kids.…

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Tikki Shoes Aster – Review

We love Tikki shoes. They are one of the best barefoot shoes for kids on the market and this new Aster model is just another perfection from Tikki. All my three kids wear or wore Tikki sandals as slippers in school and kindergarten. They are awesome sandals, really soft and durable and we absolutely love them. When Tikki launched their…

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