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Wildling Shoes Panther, Blackbird, Elderberry, Fir and Marten- Review

This year’s Autumn/Winter Wildling Shoes collection also offers a diverse range of natural materials, different shoe heights and colors. Monochrome models predominate, there are fewer patterns and a lot of warm autumn tones. This fall my whole family is testing Wildling Shoes. For testing, we chose different models to make it easier to compare materials and test shoes in different…

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Unshoes Children’s Keota – Review

Unshoes Children’s Keota sandals – durable, vibrant colors, suitable for water, non-slip,… The sandals had all the characteristics that convinced me to buy these gorgeous open-toe kids sandals available even for the smallest feet. Children’s Keota sandals are a product of a small American company Unshoes. Their sandals were my first order from the US two years ago when I…

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Tikki Shoes MOON – Review

If kids shoes are a car, then I present you a Mercedes. The new Tikki MOON shoes for kids are now also available in the much-anticipated larger sizes, where the offer for kids is very limited. And I couldn’t wish for a better leather shoe for my kids to wear. I can’t tell you how eagerly I waited for Tikki to make…

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Zeazoo YETI Kids – Review

It’s winter and it’s snowing outside. Probably your children are already tempted to go playing in the snow, making a snowman and go sledding. But what to put them on their feet? They need a warm winter boot, but still soft, with enough room for their little toes to spread.Here is a boot that can be the right one for…

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Be Lenka Play Kids – Review

And here is Play – first barefoot shoe for kids from BeLenka. This ankle-high kids shoe for wide feet is available in many fun colours, which I’m sure kids will be tempted to have. BeLenka is a well-known brand for adult barefoot shoes suitable for wide feet. This year they surprised us with many new styles and it was just…

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Tikki Shoes NIDO – Review

It’s all about details. And Tikki knows this well. Each tiny part of their shoes is carefully crafted with so much care. Even if is just a small detail changed in the toebox or a small butterfly gently settled on the shoe. Caring for details…yes, this is Tikki. Tiki Nido shoes are a new addition to Tikki shoes for kids.…

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