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OKbare Ellis – Review

Meet the OKbare – a new barefoot brand from Czech Republic which focuses on producing barefoot shoes for adults and kids. Ellis is their ankle high leather women shoe with a classic and appealing design. Shoes feature thin and soft sole with removable cork insole for even more pleasant feeling in colder days. OKbare is a family-runned company from Czech…

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Shapen Fleur – Review

Shapen Fleur – an elegant derby barefoot shoe for a modern woman who doesn’t want to make bad compromises regarding foot health and fashion. Shapen is a Slovakian brand of barefoot shoes. Mia, a founder of this brand, started toying with the idea of launching her own barefoot brand back in 2016. At that time, the choice on the market…

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Tara Soles Sandals – Review

Tara Soles – a pleasant surprise of this summer. I bought these huarache sandals on the recommendation of a friend and I was just excited to try them on. And Tara Soles showed me that they are a lot more than just a simple assembly of shoe laces and a thin sole. Tara Soles is a German brand of handmade…

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Zeazoo Siren Sandals – Review

Zeazoo Siren – feminine and sleek sandals made from buttery soft leather. They are available in many lovely shades and they can be great dressier shoes for wearing on every occasion. No doubt that they will be pleasant to your eyes and your feet. Zeazoo is a family-run barefoot brand from Bulgaria. This is a company that listen to their…

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Peerko 2.0 – Review

Peeko 2.0 – a new leather addition to Peerko brand. A great shoe for all those who look for one shoe to suit it all, as they can be worn with more formal clothes and even with casual. And as they are completely made from leather, they won’t immediately let you down even in the rain. Barefoot shoes should be…

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