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Peerko 2.0 – a review

Peeko 2.0 – a new leather addition to Peerko brand. A great shoe for all those who look for one shoe to suit it all, as they can be worn with more formal clothes and even with casual. And as they are completely made from leather, they won’t immediately let you down even in the rain. Barefoot shoes should be…

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Feelgrounds Highrise – a review

Feelgrounds keep surprising us with fascinating new styles. Their Highrise model is another incredible cool unisex sneaker from this amazing brand led by a wonderful young team. I’m sure those shoes won’t leave anyone indifferent. Highrise model is just another story of success from Feelgrounds. These shoes instantly stole my heart and they immediately become the shoes that I recommend…

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Tikki Shoes NIDO – a review

It’s all about details. And Tikki knows this well. Each tiny part of their shoes is carefully crafted with so much care. Even if is just a small detail changed in the toebox or a small butterfly gently settled on the shoe. Caring for details…yes, this is Tikki. Tiki Nido shoes are a new addition to Tikki shoes for kids.…

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