I’m Katja, mother of three children and big fan of barefoot shoes. I heard about barefoot shoes early in year 2016, when I was looking for a solution for my diastasis recti after pregnancy.

At that time I couldn’t find a solution for my problems in Slovenia. Therefore, I found out a British online exercise program MUTU System. The program presented an important aspect of how shoes impact on the functioning of our feet and the whole body. This was the first time I read something about barefoot shoes.

And so I bought my first pair of barefoot shoes. I transitioned gradually. At first I only wore shoes at home and my feet began to get used to its natural function. And my eyes to the width of the shoe😉 I realized how good it feels to feel the ground beneath your feet and to have enough room for your toes.

I bought a few more shoes and began to wear exclusively barefoot shoes. I’ve discovered a lot of great barefoot shoes brands and by testing a variety of shoes learned what it means to have enough space for your toes. I learnt also that my first barefoot shoes were not wide and longh enough for me😊 At that time, I found them super comfortable. Today, I prefer a little more space in my shoes, And also my foot has spread a little bit over a time.

My family wear barefoot shoes too. And we enjoy😊


I set up this website to help people who just heard about barefoot shoes and want to give it a try and don’t know how or what to choose. Here you can find information about barefoot shoes and shoe reviews that our family has already tried.

All the informations you find on the site are my personal experience with barefoot shoes.

If you have any questions regarding the transitioning to barefoot shoes or health considerations, please contact a specialist in this field.

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