I must admit that I had a very hard time making this list and choosing 10 brands. To be honest, we have so many wonderful brands and it is really hard to choose only 10. For me it is just more than this.

For my top list, I focused on the shoes I wore the most in 2020. On my top list you can find more casual options and shoes that I wear mostly at home. These are also the brands which fit my foot type really well and I have great fit in them too. They are listed in alphabetical order.

The list was also compiled by my blogging friends Wendy and Alex. If you are interested in what their favorite shoes are, I invite you to also read their posts here – Obsessed With Barefoot Shoes and The Barefoot Shoe Review.

1. Feelgrounds

Feelgrounds is a brand which designs I really love. They feel so comfortable on my feet and you must admit that they look great too 🙂 Original, Highrise and Droptop all suit my style so well and I love their modern look.

I also reviewed all three models on my blog here.

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2. Freet

Almost all my family members wear Freet shoes. When you live in the countryside you always need shoes that are light, soft and easy to clean. And Freet is all that.

My personal favourite shoe from Freet is their Bootee M model. It is a great shoe for hikings, for working around the house and it can be worn from autumn and all the way to the spring. My son loves their Mudee model, which is the warmest model from Freet.

If you want to read a full review of the Bootee M model, you can find it here.

With my affiliate code 10BSN you can get 15% discount on all Freet shoes.

3. Groundies

Groundies is definitely a brand that is on my top list too. Their Ibiza sneakers were the first shoes which I reviewed on my blog and Groundies have one of the best and the most stylish barefoot sneakers. Also their Odessa boots are one of my favourite shoes too.

You can read my review of Ibiza and Odessa here.

4. Luks

Luks shoes are made from super soft leather and my personal favourite are their Invierno and Primavera boots and they are extremely comfortable to wear. As they are made to order, you have to wait some time to get them, but they are worth waiting for.

Luks shoes have a stronger slope toward the little toes, but their Invierno and Primavera boots have slightly more rounded shape and they fit better to other foot shapes too. They are quite shallow, but as the leather is soft, they allow some stretching too.

I also reviewed Invierno boots on my blog here.

5. Panta Sandals

On my list you can also find Panta sandals which me and my son wore the whole summer.

I love that Panta have different models appropriate for different terrains and that they also offer custom shapes.

On my blog I reviewed their Samos model which you can read here and at the end of the summer I started testing their Zaros model too.

6. Peerko

Peerko is another brand on my top list this year. I’m crazy about that brand since I bought their first Peerko 1.0 canvas shoes. And this year is definitely their year. One wonderful shoe after another. First they started with Classic 2.0 leather models and continued with Go and Empire models. In December they added their new winter Frost model which is lined with wool.

I already review some models on my blog and you can read them here.

7. Tikki Shoes

Tikki is also one of my top brands. I love their shoes for kids and I love their sandals for adults. Actually I love everything about Tikki and on my blog you can read 3 different reviews of their shoes for kids and adults here.


I reviewed three different models from VIVOBAREFOOT on my blog already. While my husband almost sleeps in his Geo Court, my favourite model from VIVO is Opanka. They are one of the most minimal shoes I have ever tried. I haven’t seen anything so soft from VIVO before and I’m a big fan of these shoes. I feel totally awesome in them and I don’t have any regrets buying them.

You can read my VIVO reviews here.

With my affiliate code BOSENOGICE you can get 10% discount on all adult VIVOBAREFOOT shoes.

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9. Wildling Shoes

Well, it was not hard to put Wildling on my top list as this was obvious that they will be there, but which model is my favourite when you like so many of them and each one is so special.

I have many pairs of Wildling shoes and also my kids wear them too. On my blog I reviewed their Crane and Crow model, which you can read it here, but I have two other Wildling models on my top list this year. Tanuki (Niji and Minto) and Feather sandals, which also my kids wore in summer.

10. Zeazoo

Zeazoo shoes are one of my top 10 shoes this year too. After Zeazoo improved the toebox in their Dingo boots, I love them even more. Sheepskin makes them warm and cozy and perfect for wearing them on bare feet too. They are not suitable for long hikings, but great for a walk in a city or work.

Another great shoes are their Siren sandals, which can be worn for even more formal occasions and they are made from buttery soft leather.

You can read my Zeazoo reviews here.

With my affiliate code BOSENOGICE you can get 5% discount on all adult Zeazoo shoes.

In addition to those mentioned above, I also love:

  • Joe Nimble – one of my first pairs of barefoot shoes and they are still excellent. I wore them slightly less this year as I tested new shoes, but they are wonderful shoes (read my review here)
  • Muki shoes – a brand with just awesome ethics and models and the brand who cares about materials and sustainability which I just love. I tested their Raw Leather Cloud model and I’m looking forward to test them even more in the future (read my review here)
  • bLIFESTYLE – a brand which I tried recently and so far the first impressions are really good (read my review here)

I need to mention also my top options for days when you want to look more formal. Those are also very dear to me. Even though they are not on my feet everyday, those are my perfect shoes for days when you need to feel the best you.

What about my sandals? I tested a lot of them this year. There is a lot of great options for sport sandals and I would need a separate post just for them, but 
Earth Runners* (this year I was testing Circadian Lifestyle model and next year I’m going to test their thinnest model)
Unshoes (they have a lot of great sport sandals and their Saffron is really a perfect sandal for formal occasions – read my review here) and 
Tara Soles (read my review here) are definitely worth mentioning here.

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