And here are the SOUL and the VIBE – two completely different styles of women sandals from Tikki Shoes. So different and unique and available in many colours. If you prefer more traditional style of sandals than VIBE is the one for you. But if you are looking for something more special, stylish and also great for your big toe movement SOUL model can satisfy your taste.

Tikki Shoes, a family-run barefoot brand from Romania is one of my favourite barefoot brands. My kids love wearing their shoes and sandals and there was no doubt that I’ll love their adult sandals too.

Their quality, the materials they use, the design and their immeasurable kindness always inspires me. And this is the brand that I’m always happily recommend to all.

Disclaimer: I bought both sandals myself. All opinions expressed here are my own and I don’t receive any compensation if you choose to buy some for yourself.

1. General

  • Brand: Tikki Shoes
  • Model: SOUL and VIBE
  • Colour: SOUL in black and VIBE in dusty pink
  • Tested on: woman, medium-wide feet, 26,3 cm long and 10 cm wide, low instep, skinny ankles

2. Material characteristics

2.1 Upper

Tikki SOUL and VIBE sandals for women are available in many different colours. You can choose from a variety of colours like blue, black or brown colours or you can also try more colourful and fun options with different combinations of the footbed and upper colour. Some colours have a decorative stitching which makes them even more special.

I decided to get more neutral colours for myself, therefore I choose black colour for my SOUL model and dusty pink with brown footbed for VIBE model. The leathers used for sandals are carefully chosen and all sandals are made from vegetable tanned leather with chrome free lining.

My VIBE model in dusty pink colour is made from one theirs “soft leathers” therefore it is even softer and more pleasantly to touch.

SOUL and VIBE models are two completely different styles of sandals. SOUL model has a toe loop where your big toe is fixed with a loop around your toe and connected with the back part with beautifully shaped straps which reminds me on the leaves.

Toe loop is designed in the way that the outer part of the loop is wider than the inside part. You don’t have to worry that the sandals will cause you any rubbing.

VIBE model has more traditional look of a sandals with an adjustable velcro strap across the toes and a strap around the instep. Heel part is opened in both sandals. Footbed has imprinted Tikki brand name.

Sandals close and fix to your foot in two completely different ways. SOUL model uses cleverly hidden velcro strap which makes them super easy to put on, while VIBE model uses strap with a buckle, which requires a little bit more time for closing than SOUL model.

The holes in VIBE can be quite small at the beginning, but when you use the same hole over and over again, the leather stretches a little and the process of putting on your sandals become quicker.

At the heel strap there is also stitched small Tikki brand logo which is not disturbing and works well with the rest of the sandal.

2.2 Sole

For the sole Tikki uses 6 mm thick Vibram Supernewflex rubber. The sole is wonderfully light and incredibly flexible in both directions.

The sole give you a slightly squishy feeling while you walk in them, but with a great ground feeling.

This type of sole will still give you some comfort while walking on hard surfaces (concrete, asphalt) and I find it great also for those on the beginning of their barefoot journey. You can see how great the sole moulded to my feet while walking in them. My footprint is visible on the sole with no problem.

3. Sizing information

3.1 Length

Sandals are available in sizes 36-43. I definitely recommend checking their size chart as it is true to size. There can be minor deviations due to handmade process, but not more than 1-2 mm.

My feet are 26,3 cm long and 10 cm wide and I wear size 41 in both styles. This gives me 6 mm space in front of my toes. The recommend space for open-toe sandals is around 7-10 mm and I wouldn’t recommend more than that as you can trip in them. I have slightly less space in them than what is recommended, but this still works great for me.

Take in mind that the same length in both styles can feel slightly differently in VIBE than in SOUL You can see that in VIBE model my heel is positioned quite far at the back, and most of the length is left in the front part of the sandals. While in SOUL my big toe is placed in the fixed position at the front and most of the extra length is at the back part of the sandal.

3.2. Toebox shape & width

My medium-wide feet are 10 cm wide and I have a great fit in them. As they are so adjustable, they can definitely accommodate even wider feet than mine are too.

SOUL model with toe loop can be a great option for wide feet (but not so good for high volume) as it really allows proper big toe movement and it doesn’t restrict your toes at the sides in any way.

VIBE model is designed in the way that your foot sits on the straps which curves around your toes. As I have shallow feet, I need to tighten the straps a little bit more, but luckily the velcro is not sticking out too much. I was worried that it might, but this was never a case for me.

Regarding the sandals with strap across the toes I would like to remind you that you need to be careful not to tighten the strap too much or leave it too loose. You don’t want to grip with your toes while walking in them nor want your toes to be squeezed too much. They need to feel secure on your feet, but still offering you enough space for your toes to spread.

Toebox shape in both sandals is the same and it works well for the longest first or the second toe. If you feel that the toebox shape don’t match well to your foot shape, you can take them to a cobbler and he can adjust the shape for you.

I would recommend sandals for medium and wide feet. Narrower feet can still have problems to get a good fit in them. I wouldn’t recommend VIBE model for narrow feet as the straps are not designed to look good with completely tightened velco strap, but SOUL model can be worth a try as it can be easily trimmed all the way the outer edge to adjust the shape to narrower feet as well.

3.3. Fit around the instep, heel and ankle

I have feet with low instep and both sandals fit me good. Regarding volume I find VIBE model more versatile here as it can be adjusted well to low and even high-volume feet. I needed to add two extra holes in my straps to make them fit to my shallow feet and now they fit me great.

Regarding SOUL model I wouldn’t recommend them for high volume and chubby feet as the strap can be too tight around your mid-foot. But they work great for low and normal height instep. In SOUL model I still have some gapping at the sides, but not too much to be disturbing to me.

4. Comfort

I find both sandals extremely comfortable to wear. Leather is soft and wonderful for walking. Some people told me that the velcro strap across the toes in some colours in VIBE model can feel slightly stiffer at beginning and it can be a little bit disturbing to walk, but for me this was never a case.

They also feel wonderfully light on my feet. Like wearing nothing at all. Also, if you are concerned that the toe loop in SOUL model will bother you, I wouldn’t worry about that. It is so nicely soft that it has never caused me any issues.

5. How to wear them?

Sandals are available in so many colours and I’m sure everyone can find a colour to match their style. I prefer more neutral colours as I find them easier to match my style.

I like pairing my sandals with jeans trousers or even wearing them with more elegant trousers for a semi-formal look.

Some colours of SOUL model work great with leggings for more sportier look too. They are such versatile sandals that I’m sure you will find many opportunities to wear them.

6. Price & where to buy

Tikki Soul and Vibe sandals can be bought directly from their website. The price for the sandals is 64,29 €.

You can buy them at different retailers too. Some of them can be found here.

7. Shipping info

Shipping costs depend on the shipping country and the number of items you order. They are calculated during the checkout. For orders over 100 € shipping is free of charge for most countries in EU. Shoes are shipped with DHL Express or also GLS (for EU only).

8. Where are they made?

Tikki shoes are handmade in Timisoara, Romania by footwear crafters Maria and Adrian and their team.

9. To sum up

SOUL and VIBE sandals are two so different styles of sandals that I’m sure you find find the best one to fit your feet and style. While VIBE model being more adjustable and allows better fit for high volume feet, SOUL is a great option for allowing your toes to be as free as possible while giving you a perfectly secure fit. As the sole is not stitched around the edge to the leather footbed they can be easily trimmed if the shape of the sole doesn’t match well with your foot shape. How cool is that?!

Lightweight, affordable and stylish barefoot sandals. I’m wearing them for a second season in a row now and I’m sure I’ll spend many more seasons in them. They are one of my favourite sandals I have and I absolutely enjoy wearing them every time I put them on.