You have probably heard about toesocks before. Are you wondering if they will bother you between your toes or if they are only a latest craze? Well, toesocks are really quite functional with a lot of benefits for your toes.

If you fancy barefoot shoes as I do, you probably love wearing them because they have a perfect foot-shaped toebox for your feet and enough space for your toes to spread.

But have you ever asked yourself about your socks? You put your regular socks on and slide the feet in the shoe. If you are not careful enough you can notice that your toes have become a little bit less mobile in the shoe as they were before. Why?

Actutally your regular socks can also restrict your toes from moving. Less than bad toebox of your shoes, but still.

But there is a solution for this. Ok, you can wear your shoes without the socks. Yes, this can be done, but I don’t find this super practical for all the ocassions. Especially in winter, when you need a little bit more warmth around your feet.

Disclaimer: I bought Knitido toesocks in this post myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. I’m also a Knitido affiliate and I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase on Knitido website through the links on my website and with using my discount code.

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Why should we wear toesocks?

Wearing toesocks definitely have some advantages and disadvantages, but there is a lot more pros than cons. Here you can find some related to toesocks.

1. Toefreedom

Definititely the best advantage of the toesocks is that your toes are not restricted at all. As this is what we wish for when we wear barefoot shoes, right? Freedom for our toes. Afterall, unrestricted toes affect on our balance and overall awareness of our body.

Toe spread
Injinji toesocks

2. Foot health benefits

In toesocks each toe is separated one from another. With combination of good moisture and sweat absorbtion of toesocks, friction between the toes is reduced. You can also prevent some blisters and foot fungus too.

Because toes are properly aligned, also the blood circulation in foot is better.

Additionally, quality toesocks have no seams – so no rubbing around your toes.

Knitido toesocks

3. Toesocks are harder to put on

This can be one of the concerns people have. Yes, you need a little bit more time to put them on in the morning. Especiallay if you feel that you are in a hurry in the morning. But I must admit that it doesn’t take a lot more time, when you get used to putting them on.

Also the stretchy material of the toesocks moulds to your toes and you can put them on easier after first wear. I only find legwear a little bit trickier to put on.

Putting on toesocks

4. Some people don’t like the feeling of something in between their toes

At the beginning I was concered about that too. But if you buy quality toesocks that mould to your toes really well, you won’t even notice the difference while wearing them. I don’t find the fabric between my toes disturbing at all. Not even with thicker toes.

But for some super sensitive people, toesocks can probably still cause a little bit to much sensory information.

I recommend starting with thinner socks if you have some concerns about wearing them.

Toesocks legwear
ToeToe toesocks

5. I’ll look silly with them

I think that toesocks are like barefoot shoes. People are not used to the look of them yet, as they are not used to the look of wide and foot-shaped toebox of the barefoot shoes.

I wouldn’t bother with that. Someone has to be the first and others will follow the example. Especially with such a great benefit 🙂

Colourful toesocks
Toesocks can also be colourful and fun (Knitido teosocks)

Types of toesocks

You can find as many types of toesocks as regular socks. They are available for all sort of activities and in different materials and heights. You can also find toesocks legwear. How cool is that?

Types of toesocks:

  • different heights available: no-show, ankle high, mid-calf, knee high, over knee
  • appropriate for different activities: everyday, running, yoga
  • different thickness available: thinner socks for warm days and thicker socks for colder days
  • different materials used: wool, cotton, nylon, bambus, coolmax, etc.
  • special toesocks: compression, legwear, toesocks with ruberrized bottom, etc.
  • different toesocks models: five-finger or thabi socks

Toesocks brands and where to buy them

Here you can find some toesocks brands that makes quality toesocks. Brands are listed in alphabetical order and I tried most of them.


US brand Injinji makes quality toesocks. Toesocks are available for different activities (run, trail, hiking, everyday, etc) and in different weights and heights. I find them comfortable to wear and they mould around my toes really well.

Injinji uses different materials for their toesocks – CoolMax, NüWool and Cotton with combination with different combinations of Lycra, Acrylic, Recycled Polyester and Nylon.

You can find the elastic at the top in some mid-calf styles to tight for your legs, but their mini and no-show socks are fantastic.

They can bought from their official website here, but only for US costumers. In Europe they can be bought from different retailers, for example here or here. But unfortunately their everyday range is impossible to buy for EU costumers.


Knitido is a German brand of toesocks with a lot of great quality toesocks for women, men and kids. I own several pairs and I love all of them.

Knitido has a lot of different styles of toesocks available appropriate for different occasions (everyday, trail, run, hikin, yoga, pilates, workout, etc).

©Knitido (Pictures are published with the kind permission of Knitido. You can buy your Knitido toesocks here*)

You can find warm merino wool socks for winter, cotton everyday toesocks, silk socks, toesocks from organic cotton, toesocks from Coolmax, toesocks with silver threads for antimicrobial effect, etc.

©Knitido (Pictures are published with the kind permission of Knitido. You can buy your Knitido toesocks here*)

Toesocks are available in different lengths and also as thabi socks or traditional five fingers socks.

©Knitido (Pictures are published with the kind permission of Knitido. You can buy your Knitido toesocks here*)

Knitido also have Knitido+ range of toesocks for yoga, pilates and workout.

©Knitido (Pictures are published with the kind permission of Knitido. You can buy your Knitido toesocks here*)

I must say that I really love Kinitido toesocks. They are super comfortable to wear, they mould around my toes really well and the elastic at the top don’t press in my leg at all. This is really important for me as I find this really disturbing. I really enjoy wearing them.

Knitido toesocks can be bought from their official website here*. They ship all over the word. With my affiliate code FREEDOM10 you can get 10% discount on your order.


US based brand of toesocks Toesox mainly sells toesocks for yoga, pilates and other barefoot activities, but they also have some toesocks appropriate for casual wear.

Toesox can be bought directly from their website or at different international retailers all over the world.

I’m really glad that I found this German Toesox retailer which sells Toesox and ships all over the EU.

©Toesox – Deutschland (Pictures are published with the kind permission of Toesox – Deutschland. You can buy your Toesox here)

What is also awesome that they sell also high quality 5-toes nylon tights made in Japan, which is not a Toesox brand, but I was super excited to see this, as nylon tights are a rare gem in toesocks. Especially when they are available in different sizes.

©Toesox – Deutschland (Pictures are published with the kind permission of Toesox – Deutschland. You can buy your Toesox here)


ToeToe is UK brand of toesocks with toesocks for a lot of different occasions (everyday, running, cycle, golf, tennis, yoga, pilates etc). Toesocks are available in different heights and in different materials – cotton, silk, CoolMax, etc.

In their range of toesocks there are also toesocks for yoga in pilates and special ToeToe gel socks which moisturize your skin on feet.

I especiallly like their legwear collection. I like my nylon knee-high toesocks from ToeToe. It is something unique and a great option for women who would love to wear tights and don’t want their toes to be squished together.

Their tights are one size only, therefore I haven’t tried them yet, but I have their knee-hi legwear. I’m very tall and I usually need quite a big size because of my height.

ToeToe toesocks can be bought from their website here. They ship all over the world.

Regular socks – can I still wear them?

If you prefer regular socks instead of toesocks I advise you to buy a little bit bigger socks. When they are freshly washed stretched them a little bit and loose them at the toe area.

And be careful when putting on your shoes. You don’t want your socks to be pulled back as this can squeeze your toes together.

What about my kids?

If your kids wear regular socks I advise you to stretch the socks as I wrote in the previous section. You can show older kids how to loose them by themselves.

To sum up

When I bought my first pairs of toesocks I had transitional period when I wore toesocks and regular socks. I still have regular socks in my wardrobe, but I hardly ever wear them now. Except in the winter evening sitting on my sofa. Then I like to put my regular wool socks on.

If we take all the advantages and disadvantages of toesocks into account, I definitely think that they are worth trying. Toesocks can be a perfect companion of your barefoot shoes and you will love it once you get used to them.

And if you buy quality toesocks you will wear them with a joy.

I think that there is no better way to conclude this post than with a quote borrowed from Joe Nimble:

“Wear toesocks…
…because it

“socks” when
you don’t have
(Joe Nimble, retrieved from, november 2019)

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