When buying barefoot shoes it is important to know your foot type. This will help you find the shoe that suits you best and help you know what you should look for when buying.

Here are some useful informations on how to identify your foot type.

1. Is my foot narrow or wide?

Some of the barefoot shoes brands are more suitable for narrow and other for wide feet. The approximate width of your feet can be obtained by using the device, published in the Slovak website: https://bosacik.sk/meranie

In the empty windows you should enter the length and width of your feet in [cm] and the calculation shows you which category you belong to. The calculation is approximate and can serve you as an initial sensation of where you foot widht is in comparison to other people.

2. Do I have a high or low instep?

I have a low instep. I realised that when I tried a few different barefoot shoes and I often had problems such as: I have to tie the laces as much as it go to make the shoe secure enough on my feet, in sandals I usually need some additional holes, etc.

Even the slip-on shoe models are often not suitable for people with low instep, because they are too loose over the instep. An additional fixation of the shoe is in this case very difficult. People with high instep have exactly the opposite problem. Everything is too tight.

If you can not find in any of these categories, your instep is likely quite a normal height 🙂

3. What is my foot shape?

People have different foot shapes. A very common foot type is (1) Egyptian (2) Greek foot type (there are even more different types). I have a Greek foot type. Where I see the problem? Some barefoot shoe brands have e.g. their toebox made explicitly on the basis of the foot type foot (1).

In that case, if you have a foot shape, where the second finger is longer than the first one, as in my case, then you may need a little bit more space in front of the toes as usual, to get a good fit.

In the case of the Egyptian foot (1) you may have an opposite problem. The toebox which is not adapted to your foot shape, you may have a lot of additional space in front of your little toes. This can sometimes be disturbing and in sandals also visually noticeable.

(1) Egyptian and (2) Greek foot type

Each foot is unique. When buying your barefoot shoes it it always good to test them well to see how they fit and to check if your toes have really enough space in them.

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