It was the beginning of year 2016, a few months after the second birth.

After two pregnancies, my body was in a very bad condition (diastasis recti, very bad posture, low back pain, etc.) and I wanted to improve it. Back then, there was no informations available about these problems in Slovenia, so I started looking for a solution to help me.

I came across the British post-natal program MUTU system and quickly started doing the exercises.

When I started the post-natal program, I didn’t even think about changing my shoes. In fact, my shoes didn’t seem overly problematic to me at that time. I rarely wore heels and I have always chose shoes that I thought they were comfortable.

In the picture below you can see my most comfortable shoes from those times. Still, these shoes more comfortable than many shoes that are available in the market, but the toebox is definitely too tapered. Even the sole is totally unappropriate. That time I did not know that.

“The most comfortable” shoes from the time before I switched to barefoot shoes.
You see that the toes in the shoe are pushed together.

In the postpartum program they talked a lot about the impact of unappropriate shoes on the whole body and how can only a small heel throw the entire body out of balance. I really wanted to try everything to help me. So I bought my first pair of barefoot shoes.

And what was the feeling when I first tried them🙂 Well, they looked extremely wide to me and the ground feeling was very strange to me at first, but not for long. I wore my first barefoot shoes only at home. At work I wore my “normal” shoes. I gradually transitioned to barefoot shoes. At the same time with my transition to barefoot shoes, my children started to wear barefoot shoes too.

Quickly all my normal shoes begin to disturb me. Once you taste the toe freedom it is hard to go back.

I decided to change all my shoes for barefoot shoes. At the beginning there was quite a lot of trying and returning the shoes before I got the feeling what suits for me best and which brands are most appripriate for my foot type. In Slovenia there was very limited offer of barefoot shoes, so it was necessary to order them online.

Eventually, my foot got wider, my big toes is back to his natural position and the flexibility of my toes has increased. Although I have to admit that before transitioning to barefoot shoes I didn’t pay a lot of attention to my toes 🙂

Unfortunately I do not have good pictures of my foot from the times before transitioning to barefoot shoes. I found only one image, which is not the best, but you can still see how my big toe was pushed inwards. The toes were squeezed together, even if I was wearing flip flops. In these years in barefoot shoes, the space between my toes has increased significantly 🙂

My foot before I wear barefoot shoes, and now, after three years in barefoot shoes.

I also started to work on my gait, which has become very unnatural after all those years in inappropriate shoes. At the beginning, I was hiting the ground with my heel, so I need to watch how I walk for a while, especially if I was walking a little faster.

I quickly got used to the width of the shoes and eventually I realized also that my first pair of barefoot shoes was not long enough and wide enough for me, but back then it seemed very comfortable. Today I prefer more space for toes and I take greater care in the selection of my shoes. But it is also true that after all those years in barefoot shoes my foot has become wider.

Well, my toes are now very flexible 😉

I started to follow different Facebook barefoot shoes groups, I’m reading literature on this topic and I became more and more impressed with barefoot shoes.

And here I am now to share my experience with you and excite you as well 🙂

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